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E 4 Energy Solutions is an Energy Management Solutions company.  Energy management systems (EMS) in India are used to monitor, control, and optimize the use of energy in industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. They help to reduce energy consumption, lower energy costs, and improve the efficiency of energy use.

There are various types of EMS available in India, including building management systems, lighting control systems, and industrial process control systems. These systems can be used to control and optimize the use of electricity, natural gas, and other energy sources.

In India, the adoption of EMS is increasing as the country seeks to meet its growing energy demand while also addressing environmental concerns. The Indian government has implemented various policies and incentives to encourage the use of EMS, including the Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) and the Perform, Achieve, Trade (PAT) scheme.

Overall, the use of EMS in India is expected to continue to grow in the coming years as the country looks for ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint. 

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