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SatVee provides complete solution to monitor your electrical,water, gas consumption and manage your IAQ including headcounts


Deploy a slick, modern enterprise solution

SatVee is an all-in-one solution so you can focus on your business and not on online monitoring. Customize the front-end and the back-end seperately for the ultimate flexibility!

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SatVee comes complete with dozens of dashboards for any type of enterprise.

Device-based Features

SatVee includes different Types of third party drivers
that can be combined together create unique and powerful
app without any database coding.

Built for Engineers

Front-end Designer can import any HTML pages
or full templates into SatVee, use any responsive platform,
and customize and changes in real-time.


Get started fast with this unique, pre-built template.

Each SatVee comes complete with this entire site, including over 50 of carefully thought out features for almost any organization.

“Flexible design, incredible features, and prompt support make this an outstanding product. Well done SatVee Architects!”

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You can do it all with SatVee

  • Design

    You can import your entire existing website and any custom responsive dashboard design, so you’ll never have to compromise the look of your energy management platfotm for the sake of your web browser again. And with facility team in mind, you can preview any design changes across all your energy management system features without the need for a secondary reporting system.

  • User Delegation

    There are infinite ways to delegate user access to any feature or section of your application securely. Users can be given trial access to areas and have their access expire after any period of time. Users can also manage their own account profiles including time zones, contact information, mailing lists, and passwords.

  • App Workflow

    Create custom database forms to collect information from any group of users on your site and create custom and secure data views to display the information collected to privileged users. Syncs with your contact database and trigger autoresponders, notifications, and personalized email drip campaigns based on actions taken by any user.

  • Hosted Software

    We didn't invent the concept of “versionless software” but we know you don't care what version you are running as long as it's the most current! We host everything so you don't have to worry about managing software, security, pci compliance, SSL certificates, email campaigns sending, site monitoring, backups, and servers.

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Design that looks less 'theme' and more you.

SatVee will work seamlessly with any front-end design you create, so you are never limited to a particular look or style.

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Page Templates

Pre-made Dashboard templates including fully-functional EnMS portal.


Layout Possibilities

With tons of purpose-built content blocks and animated features, there's a mind-boggling number of design and feature combinations you can create.


Home Page Concepts

Fresh and unique Dashboard concepts are included so you can get started quickly, or mix and match home page blocks to create.


Generic Drivers

We packed SatVee with high quality Dashboard photos carefully sized and compressed. Mix and match them to create a stylish backdrop for your content.



All pages are designed to support all modern browsers and all devices. Use any front-end responsive design framwework.



SatVee includes a powerful Designer that allows you to edit your SatVee devices/groups from front-end to back-end and preview your changes across all devices with ease.

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Designs & Features

SatVee's purpose-driven UI design and powerful
features will help propel your online presence
to the next level.

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